I need to like, work on watching more films by and about women. I act like a big fancy movie man but I can’t name more five female directors. Anyway, I’m awful trash.

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Kaylee Bovaird is sweet and smart and beautiful. ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ 

so I’m just hanging out googling my name out of curiosity and I found this on tumblr and I don’t remember seeing this at all omg <3_<3

Don’t worry! It is fine and still very true.

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Danger Doom - Sofa King

♫Teen Age Riot♫

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Facebook is getting really familiar with me.

Facebook is getting really familiar with me.

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Magical Creatures and Beasts (Yaoguai) from the Great Chinese Mythology Collection 《山海經》“Classic of Mountains and Seas“/ “Shan Hai Jing” 

Illustrations by 刘力文 Liu Liwen

九尾狐 (Jiuwei Hu / Nine-tailed Fox) (mentioned in 3 chapters:《南山經》《海外東經》《大荒東經》”Classic of the Mountains: South” “Classic of Regions Beyond the Seas: East” and “Classic of the Great Wilderness: East” 

Description: 状如狐而九尾,其音如婴儿,能食人,食者不蛊

獓𤝱 (Ao Yin) 《西山經》”Classic of the Mountains: West”

Description: 状如牛,四角,其豪如披蓑,是食有

蛊雕 (Gu Diao) 《南山經》”Classic of the Mountains: South”

Description: 状如雕而有角,其音如婴儿之音,是食人

帝江(Di Jiang) 《西山經》”Classic of the Mountains: West”

Description: 状如黄囊,赤如丹水,六足四翼,浑敦无而目,是识歌舞

讙  (Huan) 《西山經》”Classic of the Mountains: West”

Description: 状如狸,一目而三尾,其音如{大集}百声,是可以御凶,服之已瘅

中山神 (Zhongshan Shen / Guardian Beast of the Central Mountain) 《中山經》”Classic of the Mountains: Central”

Description: 山神,马身龙首

(Source: mingsonjia)

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Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter - Bourgeois Blues (1938)

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